Welcome to Kronshtadt – Town of Naval and Military Glory!

Kronshtadt – Town of Naval and Military Glory!

Kronshtadt is located in the heart of the Finnish Gulf, approximately 30 kilometers to the east of St.Petersburg, on the Kotlin island. It was founded on 18 May 1704. According to Peter the Great’s will Kronshtadt was erected as a fortified town and port, reliable shield of the new capital of Russia.  Powerful fortification strengthening – оld Russian forts – was created over the Finnish Gulf more than 300 years ago. In former times together with batteries on the Kotlin island they composed the most powerful fortress on Baltic. In XX century there were 22 forts, 17 of which were sea man-made forts.
In 1989 St.Petersburg flood protection barrier building was started. Thanks to this barrier the transport connection with the continent was established. After the building of a new port and finishing of St.Petersburg ring road construction, Kronshtadt will become a very important international center.
Kronshtadt has always been the largest military training center of professional personnel for fleet. From here officers went to fighting campaigns and scientific expeditions. Kronshtadt citizens are proud of many famous admirals - Spiridov and Ushakov, Senjavin and Lazarev, Nakhimov and Kornilov, Istomin and Litke. All these outstanding people served in Kronshtadt - in the town of Naval Glory. Unique hydraulic engineering and fortification constructions, beautiful buildings, parks and gardens, numerous monuments have remained till now.
All of them create remarkable architectural ensembles. Kronshtadt has a lot of different memorial signs and boards, over 300 monuments of architecture and art, history and culture: Yakornaya ploshchad (Anchors square) and Morskoj sobor (St. Nicolas' Sea Cathedral), Kronshtadt tide-gauge and Vladimirsky Cathedral, Italian pond and Menshikov palace, Gostiny Dvor and Admiralty, Peter Dock – Canal, the Obvodny canal (Bypass channel) and other sights. There are also a lot of different interesting museums in the town, such as Memorial study of radio inventor A. Popov, Memorial flat of St.John of Kronshtadt, Museum of the History of Kronshtadt. The last one offers to take a trip across the time and explore about 300 years history of Kronshtadt.


History Kronshtadt Museum
Leningradskaya str. 2
The museum offers a time  travel to find out about 300 years history of Kronshtadt, about glorious traditions of the town - fortress and port - and to learn its place in the Russian history .
Museum collection comprises a lot of interesting exhibits: the fort "Kronshlot" model,  Kotlin island from a bird - eye view, a piece of the Kronshtadt the first in Russia water-pipe system and numerous photos, documents and antique household objects.
Huge horizontal sun dial, two fountains and the sculpture of the «Water-carrier» are situated in the park nearby the museum.

Memorial Flat of St.John of Kronshtadt
Posadskaya str. 21 flat 13
Opened in 1999 the memorial flat appears to be a pilgrim spot. Inside one can learn about life of a famous priest and participate in prayings. St.John of Kronshtadt had been living here for more than a half of a century. He prepared inspiring sermons and wrote spiritual diary which later became a famous book. He founded churches, took part in charity. St.John of Kronshtadt still cure people from different illnesses.

Information Cultural Center of Kronshtadt was founded on the 20th of March, 2008. Its main goal is to promote Kronshtadt as an attractive international tourist spot at the Russian and international tourist markets. Information Cultural Center offers:
● Free information about St.Petersburg and Kronshtadt;
● Excursion service;
● Boat trips with an excursion “Forts of Kronshtadt”;
● Development of international relationships;   
● Assistance for preservation and reconstruction of historical, cultural and architectural objects of Kronshtadt;
Information Cultural Center of Kronshtadt

Tel/fax: +7 812 311 91 34
Address: Kronshtadt, Martynova str. 1/33
E-mail: krontic@yandex.ru
Website: http://visitkronshtadt.ru/welcome_to_kronshtadt1
Opening hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm, Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am-5pm


Price - list
Excursion routes around Kronshtadt for year 2011
Excursion Duration (hours) Number of people Cost Adults/children (under 12 years) (Russian rubles)
General sightseeing excursion by your vehicle: «Kronshtadt -  marine and military glory town of Russia» 2 1 – 4 800
5-14 minibus 1200
15 – 50 1500
2,5 – 3 1 – 4 1000
5-14 minibus 1500
15 – 50 2000
Theme excursion by your vehicle: «Orthodox Kronshtadt» «Literary Kronshtadt» «Kronshtadt - town of military glory» «Foreigners in Kronshtadt» 1,5 – 2 1 – 4 1000
5-14 minibus 1200
15 – 50 1500
Walking excursions: «Kronshtadt - marine and military glory town of Russia» (general). «Orthodox Kronshtadt» «Kronshtadt - town of military glory» «Foreigners in Kronshtadt» «Literary Kronshtadt» 2,5 – 3 For individuals

1 – 5

6 – 30

1000 / 1000 200 per person/100 per person
For groups

11 – 20

20 – 30



Bus-walking excursion from St.Petersburg to Kronshtadt on your vehicle: «Kronshtadt - Naval fort post of St.Petersburg»  Excursion to the Kronshtadt Historical Museum (entrance to the museum is extra charged: children/students - 25 rubles per person, adults - 50 rubles per person)



up to 50 2500 3000
Excursion to the Kronshtadt Historical Museum (entrance to the museum is extra charged: children/students - 25 rubles per person, adults - 50 rubles per person) 0,45 1 – 15 300/300
16 – 45 20 per person

Boat trip with excursion «Kronshtadt Forts»
0,45 up to 80 300 per person/150 per person
Boat trip with excursion «Kronshtadt Forts» Boat trip with excursion and visiting 1st South Fort or Count Milutin Fort 1,5 – 2 30 – 80 500 per person/270 per person
Individual excursion around the city with visiting fort
Х Х negotiated

Organization of corporative events
Х Х negotiated

For further information contact Information Cultural Centerr:
Tel/fax: +7 812 311 91 34
E-mail: krontic@yandex.ru

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